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Why You Should Get an Auto Accident Lawyer (Even if it’s Your Fault)

“Car accident.” 

Just hearing those two words can send you into a spiral of anxiety. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

We know that there are a lot of big-ticket items you have to take into consideration after a car crash. There is the police report you have to file, medical treatment to take care of and the ensuing medical bills that come with it. All of that, and not to mention the fact that you have to deal with your insurance company throughout the entire process. 

It is always the right time to prepare for a potential accident and think about what auto accident lawyer you will hire. That way, if an accident ever happens, no matter how mild, you will know what to expect. That’s half the battle that you do not have to worry about in the moment. 

Primary Reasons You Need to Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer (Even if it’s Your Fault)

There are a lot of reasons to hire an auto accident lawyer. It may feel like too many to account for. This is why below, we have a list of the top six reasons why you need a car crash lawyer, even if it was a minor accident or you were at fault.

They Can Keep You From Giving Wrongful StatementsThey Can Keep You From Giving Wrongful Statements

After an auto accident, you have a lot of people telling you what to do and what not to do. That pressure can make it all the more stressful to say the right thing. 

The insurance company of the other party might request for you to send them a verbal or written statement of your side of the story. But there are a lot of things you can say that might hurt your case later on. That means you may have to pay more money in a settlement. 

Insurance agents are great at twisting those words into something that implies the accident was entirely your fault. With an auto accident lawyer, they know every trick in the insurance adjustor book. Your auto accident attorney will ensure that you shy away from those types of statements. 

They Can Support Your Claim With Sufficient Evidence

After a car crash, you have to have the right evidence to support your insurance claim. This could include medical reports from injuries sustained in the crash, photos of the scene and more. 

After any given amount of time, though, this evidence often disappears. The right auto accident lawyer knows how to get subpoenas to recover evidence and access it before you can’t anymore. Auto accident lawyers have the type of legal access that non-attorneys do not have. 

If you have to file a personal injury lawsuit right away or later on down the road, your auto accident lawyer will have the evidence to support your case. 

They Can Help You Explore Settlement Options

They Can Help You Explore Settlement Options

Right after an accident, you do not know how your injuries may affect your life. Symptoms often do not present themselves until some time has passed. So you do not want to accept the first settlement you get. 

Instead, hire an auto accident lawyer. They can serve as your accident injury lawyer. They know what compensation is appropriate for your individual circumstances. 

They Can Provide You With Highly Skilled Legal Representation

Were you partially at fault for a car crash? Did you know you could still receive compensation for damages? 

Your auto accident lawyer will be familiar with your state’s laws. In other words, they will know if you can still receive compensation even if you are at fault. 

They Can Deal With Legal Battles With Insurance Companies

Many insurance companies rely on scare tactics to get you to settle for less after a car accident. But your auto accident lawyer knows all those tactics they might use. More than that, they know how to stand up to them. 

Make sure you choose a law firm that specializes in personal injury and auto accidents. They will fight for your proper compensation. 

They Can Calculate Your Compensation

The compensation you deserve is not a one-and-done situation. You have to think about lost pay while you are recovering outside of work. There is also emotional distress and medical bills to consider. 

Your auto accident lawyer should have years of experience in the field. They will know how to calculate your compensation. 


Kevin Sandel of The Sandel Law Firm has countless years of experience as a personal injury attorney. Sandel knows what it takes to get you the compensation you are owed in light of your unique situation. 

Car accidents and personal injury cases are just two of his practice areas

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