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Why are large trucks potentially dangerous to other vehicles?

Large trucks go by many different names, such as “big rigs,” 18-wheelers and semi-trucks, to name a few. Akron residents may be used to seeing them traveling down local highways and interstates as the trucks carry goods to locations near and far. While large commercial trucks may be common place to see, they pose highly specific and dangerous risks to others when their drivers fail to operate them in safe ways.

For example, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a fully loaded truck may take up to 200 yards, or the length of two football fields, to come to a complete stop. The massive size of trucks coupled with their incredible weight makes them significantly harder to stop over short distances than the personal vehicles driven by most private consumers. As a result, truck drivers who allow distractions to alter their driving attention may cause serious accidents if they are unable to bring their trucks to a stop before colliding with other vehicles.

Additionally, large trucks possess many blind spots into which unsuspecting drivers may fall. A truck driver who elects not to turn their head and check their blind spots may miss seeing a driver next to them. If that truck driver chooses to move their vehicle into the other driver’s lane they may cause a devastating and life-threatening incident.

Other characteristics of large trucks can make them dangerous for other vehicles and drivers who must share the roads with them. Individuals who are harmed or who suffer losses in accidents with large trucks are encouraged to investigate their legal rights to compensation with the help of vehicle accident attorneys that they can trust.

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