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Who can you sue after a commercial vehicle accident?

Commercial drivers work long hours to carry the goods Akron residents want and need to their local retailers. While many commercial drivers are careful, conscientious individuals who take pride in their safe operating records, others may look for ways to bend the rules and get their work done faster than the law technically would allow them to do. A prior post here discussed how commercial drivers are generally subject to hours of service regulations. When drivers make mistakes or cut corners, they put the safety of other motorists in jeopardy.

A commercial vehicle accident can be a devastating event. The injuries that a victim may suffer can be life-threatening and may change the course of their life forever. A victim may never fully recover from the physical harm they suffered in the incident and may experience long-term emotional suffering as a result of their ordeal.

When a victim suffers losses in a commercial vehicle accident, they may choose to sue for their damages. Potential defendants in a commercial vehicle accident case can be extensive, including the driver of the vehicle, the owner of the vehicle, the entity whose goods were being transported at the time of the accident, the insurer for the vehicle and the driver.

Commercial vehicle accident cases can differ from accident cases that involve private vehicles. The classification of a driver as an employee of a company rather than an independent contractor can open up a case to other possible defendants. As all cases are particular to their own facts, it is important that commercial vehicle accident victims seek individual advice from legal professionals they know and trust.

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