What To Do Immediately Following a Pedestrian Car Accident

One of the most tragic accidents which can occur is a pedestrian car accident. They can lead to major injuries that can change a life in the blink of an eye. If you’ve found yourself in such an unfortunate situation, what you do next is important. If you choose your next steps wrong, it can impact the rest of your life. 

Sandel Law Firm understands that. That’s why we’re illustrating the next steps you must take following a pedestrian car accident here. 

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How many pedestrian car accidents are there per year in the State of Ohio?

Overall, Ohio has over 116 deaths from pedestrian-car accidents every year per 100,000 residents. That’s a staggering number. 

However, things get even worse when you examine the data more closely. It’s a little-known statistic, but Ohio ranks among the top 10 states in terms of fatalities in pedestrian-car accidents. And it’s more than likely that the rank will continue to climb. Governors Highway Safety Association studies show a 23 percent increase in accidents yearly. 

This data encourages us to prepare more so than ever before. Learn more about pedestrian car accident stats here

5 Things You Should Do Following a Pedestrian Car Accident

Panic, fear and all sorts of feelings can flow over you following a pedestrian car accident. However, by taking a deep breath and following these five things, you can come out on the other side okay. 

Worry about safety first

Worry about safety first

The very first thing that you should worry about after an accident is the safety of those involved. Ensure that any injured party is relocated out of danger and to a safe place. After that, do not attempt to perform any medical aid unless you have certified training or it’s a life-threatening emergency. 

Seek medical attention

The next order of business is to call medical professionals and law enforcement. That will ensure they can adequately take care of the situation and every party involved. Ensure that you give the first responders clear and accurate information on how the accident occurred.

Exchange contact details, but be careful of what you sayExchange contact details, but be careful of what you say

You must always exchange information with everyone involved. If the pedestrian is able to communicate well, exchange names, numbers, email addresses and, of course, insurance information. However, avoid talking to the pedestrian or others too much. The words that you choose to utter are crucial. Any admission of guilt or something similar could impact your legal situation later. Perhaps even leading to lawsuits or other claims. 

Gather accident-related evidence

The fourth objective on your list after a pedestrian car accident should be to gather any evidence around you. Take clear pictures of your surroundings, such as crosswalks, traffic signals and any damage on the vehicle. You may also want to get the names and phone numbers of the witnesses. 

Keep any documentation related to the accident

Any piece of documentation that is related to your pedestrian car accident needs to be kept. That can include police reports, repair bills and damage estimates. Each document may be important later on. 
That concludes our list! However, as a final note, if you are at fault in some way, call Sandel Law Firm today. We have the experience and insider knowledge to keep you covered. Book a call here.

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