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What physical injuries can result from a car accident?

When a vehicle is involved in a collision with another automobile the resulting damage can be dramatic. Any driver in Akron who has seen an accident on the side of a road or freeway may have witnessed bent metal, broken windows and shattered lights and lamps. If a collision can cause a vehicle made of steel and plastic to crumple and crease, it is not surprising that it can cause serious and sometimes life-threatening harm to the victims who are unfortunate enough to be inside the vehicles when the crash occurs.

From the tops of their heads to the tips of their toes, automobile accident victims can suffer a range of injuries. Concussions or damage to the brain is possible if victims strike their head on a steering wheel or other hard surface of a vehicle during an accident. Whiplash or neck and spinal damage can happen if victims are jerked forward and backward or side to side due to the impact of another vehicle causing a collision.

Broken bones, abrasions and bruising are all common forms of injuries from automobile accidents. Depending upon the position of the victim in the vehicle and the type of collision that they were involved in, a victim may suffer organ damage from their involvement in the crash.

Car accident injuries can be minor irritations or life-threatening conditions. After a vehicle accident, it is important for victims to seek medical treatment even if they do not feel as though they are hurt. Pain and other problems can develop in the days and weeks after a crash and prompt medical care can prevent accident-related injuries from getting worse.

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