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What is reckless driving?

In many American jurisdictions, reckless driving is a criminally punishable offense. It is a common cause of car accidents and the basis for civil claims as well. These are oftentimes preventable collisions. Reckless driving constitutes driving conduct that is something more than simple negligence, which is the failure of a driver to act reasonably given the circumstances surrounding them.

To be found to have been reckless in driving, a driver must willfully or wantonly disregard the traffic laws of the community and have no regard for the consequences of their actions. Reckless driving can take in many forms, such as drag racing in a school zone, attempting to outrun police officers, dangerous passing on narrow roads and many other forms of hazardous driving conduct.

When a reckless driver causes a vehicle accident and the victims suffer damages, the reckless driver can be subject to two forms of liability: criminal and civil. Reckless driving is often considered a crime and therefore may be punished by the criminal courts. It can also provide accident victims with a means to seek compensation for their damages that were suffered when the reckless driver harmed them through a vehicle crash.

Reckless drivers are a threat to drivers in Ohio because they simply do not show regard for other individuals’ safety. Their actions are willful, wanton and dangerous, and can be deadly if they result in serious automobile collisions. Victims of accidents with reckless drivers are encouraged to seek help to better understand their rights to compensation and their legal options for pursuing litigation against the reckless parties that caused their harm.

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