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What Can Traffic Violations Do to Us

Many laws govern our streets and highways. They keep us safe and prevent drivers from being reckless. But when a driver violates those laws, committing a traffic violation, what does that mean? What can traffic violations do to all of us? 

This article from Sandel Law Firm will discuss what traffic violations do to us and what you can expect. If you’re guilty of a traffic violation, continue reading below to learn about your responsibilities. We’ll include important information regarding traffic, red light and speeding tickets. 

Your Responsibilities After Traffic Violations

Most traffic violations are considered strict-liability offenses. That simply means that no specific criminal intent is needed to convict the driver of the specified violation. For authorities, evidence that the driver committed the violations is proof enough. Whether the driver intended to violate the traffic law is not important in these circumstances. 

That is why claiming that a traffic collision from speeding was an “accident” is not a viable defense. It doesn’t matter from the authorities’ perspective. After said authorities believe you have violated the law, they will give a sort of punishment. 

That punishment may include:  

Penalty or Ticket

After breaking a specific traffic law, you may receive a penalty or ticket. These penalties and tickets can range in severity depending on the traffic violation. However, for the most part, you won’t need to do anything after fulfilling the penalty or ticket. 


Similar to tickets, you may receive a fine after a traffic violation. Fines come after the commission of a crime. They will also include monetary payment accompanied by trial, community service and worse, even imprisonment. 


Understand that many traffic violations will also demand you to appear in court. Failure to appear in court could result in more penalties, including a bench warrant for your arrest. And even imprisonment later on.

Injuries resulting from traffic violations or accidents

Injuries Resulting From Traffic Violations or Accidents

Traffic laws keep all of us safe. But when drivers fail to adhere to them and consequently commit traffic violations, they put others at risk. Traffic violations often lead to severe accidents with serious injuries for those involved. 

Some of the possible injuries include: 

Normal physical injuries

These are certainly the most common, and it’s not hard to imagine why. There are a million possible physical injuries from back injuries, burns, broken/ fractured bones, limb loss, whiplash and knee injuries. Each one can leave an impact on a life. Many injuries can make it impossible to work for short or long terms. 

Trauma or mental injuries

Car accidents are horrible events that can repeatedly play in someone’s mind, which can cause mental injuries and trauma. Mental injuries and trauma can make it nearly impossible to live life as someone normally would. 


The worst outcome of an accident is a life taken. When someone loses their life in a traffic accident, their loved ones will feel the true impact. NHTSA estimates that about 42,915 people died in traffic accidents in 2021 alone. 

You should always adhere to traffic laws—No matter what. Doing so is safest for all of us. However, should you accidentally violate one, Sandel Law Firm may be able to help lessen the impact on your life. 

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