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What Are The Different Types of Personal Injury Claims?

Getting injured due to someone else’s negligence is undoubtedly a stressful time. The last thing anyone wants to do when this happens is to have to worry about is starting a legal claim.

Filing personal injury claims can seem like a lot of work, and it can be challenging to figure out which one best suits your situation.

In this article, we’ll go over all the different types of personal injury claims so you can hire the best accident and injury lawyer that is best suited for your needs.

The Different Types of Personal Injury Claims

Pedestrian Road Accidents

Road Traffic-Related

A road traffic-related personal injury claim is a type of legal case that arises when someone is injured in a car accident or as a result of some other type of traffic collision. 

These claims can be quite complex, as they often require an extensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident. Your auto injury lawyer will ensure they gather all the evidence you need to state your case.

The different types of claims you can file are:

  • Car accident claims.
  • Motorcycle and cycle accidents.
  • Pedestrian road accidents.
  • Untraced or uninsured motorist road accident claims.

Work-Related, Work Area Accidents and Illness

Work-Related, Work Area Accidents and Illness personal injury claims are when an employee is injured or becomes ill as a direct result of their job. 

This can include injuries or illnesses that occur in the workplace or those that develop after working on a job site. 

These claims can be filed by employees who have been injured on the job, or by family members of employees who have died as a result of a work-related accident or illness.

You can file a work-related or work area accident or illness claim from:

  • Accidents on building sites and construction sites.
  • Accidents working on the docks.
  • Farm accidents and illnesses.
  • Manual handling and lifting injuries, including repetitive strain injuries.
  • Workplace accidents including trips and slips.
  • Faulty machinery and work equipment.
  • Safety and personal protective equipment (PPE) malfunction.

Pavement trips and slipsTrips and Slips in Public Places

Trips and slips in public places can often lead to serious personal injuries. This is because when someone falls or slips, they can often strike their head or body on a hard surface. 

Trips and slips can also occur on uneven surfaces, which can cause the individual to lose balance and fall.

To make a strong claim, you will need to hire lawyers for personal injury. They will help you prove that the property owner was aware of the hazard and did not take adequate steps to fix it. 

You can make a claim for a trip or slip if you’ve experienced an of the following:

  • Accidents in shops, supermarkets, pubs and restaurants.
  • Pavement trips and slips.
  • Accidents in public places.
  • Accidents in school or college.

Animal/Pet Attacks

Animal and pet attacks personal injury claims can be difficult to pursue. This is because the attacker may be considered a wild animal or stray, and the owner of the animal may not be liable for the injuries caused. 

If you are injured by an animal or pet, you should first seek medical attention. Once you have been treated for your injuries, you should then contact an experienced personal injuries lawyer. The personal attorney will be able to help you find out if you have a case and what steps need to be taken next.

Needless to say, you can file a claim if you’ve suffered from:

  • Dog bites/dog attacks.
  • Accidents due to animals.

Other Personal Injury Claims

Accidents and injuries can be complicated, which means that sometimes there isn’t always a set category for every personal injury claim. There are many other different types of personal injury claims that don’t fall under any particular category.

The most common ones are:

  • Faulty products and/or services.
  • Hairdressers/beauty therapy/body art.
  • Holiday accidents and illnesses abroad.
  • Public transport accidents.
  • Farm accidents and illnesses.
  • Military accident.
  • Sports injury claims.

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