What are common forms of driving distractions?

Anyone who has tried to work while hungry or tired understands how hard it is to focus when their attention is on something other than their job. All across Ohio individuals struggle with distractions on a daily basis and while in most situations a distraction is only a momentary break from a more important task in some contexts distractions are potentially life-threatening perils.

One of those contexts is driving. A distracted driver is a dangerous driver because they are a driver who is not paying attention to the road and their duties to others who are operating near them. A distracted driver allows their focus to lapse and during such moments of distraction may cause serious and deadly collisions with other cars, pedestrians, and victims in their paths.

Many distracted driving accidents happen because drivers are focused on their smartphones and other handheld devices. Drivers who text and drive, attempt to make calls or program GPS devices all to put others in danger when they take their eyes off of the road. But distracted driving comes in more forms than drivers using technology. Eating, drinking, self-grooming, and talking to passengers are all low-tech types of distractions that can put drivers and everyone else in serious danger.

Whenever a driver elects to allow their focus to shift away from driving and to a different activity or stimulus they engage in the dangerous practice of distracted driving. Distracted drivers fail to meet their duty of care to others since they do not exercise reasonableness in their driving actions. Distracted driving is a common cause of motor vehicle accidents and individuals who have been hurt by distracted drivers may wish to pursue their legal claims for compensation.

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