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Understanding head-on car accidents takes time

Like police departments everywhere, those here in Ohio sometimes struggle to understand what led to a particular crash. For instance, head-on car accidents often result in such severe or deadly injuries that understanding their causes may take a substantial amount of time, if those reasons are ever discovered. This could also prevent grieving family members of the victims from achieving closure by knowing what led to the deaths of their loved ones.

Troopers with the Ohio State Highway Patrol recently responded to a crash in which finding the cause could require some time. The call came in just prior to 8 p.m. on a recent Friday. When they arrived at the location on U.S. 33, they found the wreckage of two vehicles.

The driver of the westbound vehicle died due to injuries suffered in the impact. The woman in the eastbound vehicle suffered injuries that required her to be taken from the scene via helicopter. The man’s injuries were reportedly not as severe.

The preliminary investigation showed that the deceased driver’s vehicle went over the centerline and collided head-on with the other vehicle. Police do not believe alcohol played a role in the crash. At last report, investigators were attempting to determine what led to the westbound vehicle straying over the centerline.

The reason the vehicle failed to remain in its lane may not impact any personal injury claims filed by the victims. The fact that the deceased driver’s vehicle is the one that crossed over into the oncoming lane of travel may be enough to show it was the one that caused the crash. This could provide the evidence needed to prove negligence, which is required in order for a civil court to consider awarding damages allowed in car accidents.

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