Truck Accident: Large Trucks – Injury Data and Statistics

Car accidents can be horrible, certainly for the two parties that are typically involved. However, large truck accidents can result in an enormous amount of damage that impacts many drivers on the road. They can even cause hold-ups that span miles back. And as large truck accidents become more common, the need to understand the risk is more important than ever. 

Sandel Law Firm dedicates this article to that. Below, we include essential statistical data you should remember before hitching a ride in a large truck. Continue reading this article for more information. 

Large Trucks Involved in Fatal Accidents

By definition, a large truck is any medium or heavy truck that weighs more than 10,000 pounds. Large trucks also have a wide variety of nicknames, from 18-wheelers to big rigs. But no matter which name you prefer, the facts are the same. Large trucks contribute to the overall fatal accident toll in a staggering way.

In fact, large trucks account for: 

  1. 9 percent of all cars involved in deadly collisions
  2. 4 percent of all cars registered
  3. 10 percent of total vehicle miles driven

Overall, 4,965 people died in crashes involving large trucks in 2020.

Large Trucks Involved in Accidents with Injuries

Large Trucks Involved in Accidents with Injuries

In 2020 alone, over 107,000 large trucks were involved in crashes, which resulted in injury. That is a 10 percent decrease from the previous year. However, the drop does not overshadow how dangerous large trucks can be on the road. 

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows how frequently crashes occur. The numbers show that a large truck was in a collision with resulting injuries every 35 miles traveled. (Per 100 million trucks).

And 68 percent of the injuries fell on occupants inside other vehicles. Meanwhile, only 30 percent of truck occupants were injured. 

Key Facts Related to Fatal Truck Accidents (2020)

Many surprising factors affect the likelihood of large truck accidents, from time of day to general location. Data on these factors allows us to avoid these accidents and possibly make them less common. 

Rural and urban statistics: 

Across rural and urban areas, truck accident statistics remain nearly the same. However, the numbers are still good to have in mind. 

  • Urban (45.35 percent)
  • Rural (54.65 percent)

Work zone statistics: 

On the other hand, work zones achieve remarkable safety levels, with only 4 percent of accidents occurring in work zones. Perhaps due to the strict regulations and advisory signs. In any case, 95 percent of accidents occur outside of work zones. 

Time of day statistics_Time of day statistics: 

It goes without saying that there some times of day, where traffic peaks. When it does, accidents rise. In the daytime, as traffic levels are high, 63 percent of truck accidents occur. That alarming number can make the drive to work all the more unpleasant. 

So use extra caution when you hit the road after your first cup of coffee. 

If you or a loved one were injured in a large truck accident, ensure you obtain the best representation possible! At Sandel Law Firm, we’re ready to give you the support you need. Book your free consultation today.

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