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Top Benefits of Hiring Top Pet Lawyers

When people hear “pet lawyer,” they often think of an attorney who represents people pursuing claims against dog owners and their dogs. 

However, they often fail to think of the other side of these complicated situations. What if your dog bites someone, but it wasn’t because of your negligence or the fault of the animal? You’ll need a stellar attorney who can represent your pet in these instances. 

Sometimes dogs bite people because they’re taunted or provoked. Imagine how you would feel if someone was bothering your dog, and then got bitten. Is that really the fault of the animal? Or is the person who was bitten culpable for the situation? The stakes can be high, so you’ll need the best to keep yourself and your four-legged friends safe and happy.

Benefits of Hiring Pet LawyersBenefits of Hiring Pet Lawyers

When you find yourself in a challenging situation, such as if your dog bites someone who pursues legal claims against you, you’ll need to rely on the expertise of a pet lawyer.

Don’t go through it alone. You can use this article as an initial resource, and if you find yourself looking for more information, you can read more here.

Let’s go over the five main reasons to work with a top pet law firm.

Full Knowledge of Dog or Animal Bites Law

To ensure your pet is getting the best representation, choose a lawyer who has experience in your region. With a track record like ours at The Sandel Law Firm, you can be confident that you’re getting the expertise you need.

They Deal with Expertise Concerning Insurance Companies

If you’re entitled to compensation as a result of an incident with your pet, then you’ll want a lawyer to facilitate the settlement or payment process with insurance companies. It can be frustrating for people to deal with insurance companies who are looking out for their own best interests. If you choose a lawyer who is used to handling these complicated situations, then you won’t have to shoulder that burden yourself.

They All Have the Needed Resources

For a firm to give you the best service possible, they’ll need to have resources at the ready to deploy on your behalf. You want a team with the support they need to in turn serve you and your pet. That means choosing an established and reputable law firm, such as The Sandel Law Firm, who’s committed to getting you outstanding results.

They Deal with Expertise Concerning Insurance Companies

They Help Determine the Extent of the At-fault Party’s Liability

If you’re confident your pet was treated unfairly, and that it resulted in the incident in question, then your lawyer will help you determine what party is at fault. Once it’s clear who was at fault, then your attorney will need to determine the extent of their liability. Will the case be dropped, or are you actually the one entitled to compensation?

If the other party involved tormented you or your pet, or was bitten while committing a crime, then there might be further legal claims for you to pursue your own best interests.

Relieve You with All the Stress Involving the Lawsuit ProcessRelieve You with All the Stress Involving the Lawsuit Process

In addition to keeping your pet’s best interests at the forefront, working with a top pet lawyer will relieve your stress. You don’t have to worry about the lawsuit process because we have things covered. We’ll need some of your time, of course, but we’re here to handle things on your behalf–and on your pet’s behalf.

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