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To Report or Not to Report an Auto Accident?

Following an auto accident, there’s a lot to do, so much that it can be hard to juggle it all safely.  But for the most part, most drivers understand the proper protocol. Get medical attention, report it and gather information to support a potential case, right? 

Ideally, yes. 

Unfortunately, there are some auto accidents where one driver will ask the other not to report it. So with the proper protocol called into question, what do you do? Don’t worry. We have all the answers you need. 

This article from Sandel Law Firm will ensure you know what to do in that situation. To learn more, continue reading below! Also, be sure to read about the three stages of a car accident here so you’re fully informed!

What Should You Do If a Driver Tells You Not to Report an Auto Accident

What Should You Do If a Driver Tells You Not to Report an Auto Accident

Fortunately, it’s pretty simple and very straightforward. You need to ignore the suggestion and continue with the proper protocol. It sounds harsh. However, it’s the right thing to do. Reporting the accident will help protect your interests and prevent the auto accident from being pinned on you. 

If you listen to the other driver and forego reporting the accident, it would be a big mistake. Without the police report, you’ll lack critical supporting documentation for your potential case. You also won’t be able to file an insurance claim with your company correctly. And if you’re in a serious accident, you won’t be able to file a claim against the other driver, either. 

All things put together, ignoring the report will only have negative consequences for you. (And whether they know it or not, the other driver.)

Why It’s So Important To Call A Police Officer After An AccidentWhy It’s So Important To Call A Police Officer After An Accident

No matter what sort of auto accident it is, the same is true. Reporting the situation to the police and asking for their presence at the scene is essential. However, we understand that the police will not come in some large cities. (Excluding auto accidents with major injuries.) In that case, you still must report it.

We recommend visiting the nearest police station and accurately reporting the situation accident there. 

A police presence at the scene may also help ensure the safety and physical well-being of everyone involved. Especially given that many people are not aware of their injuries due to the amount of adrenaline rushing through them. A police officer with fresh eyes can perhaps spot those injuries before the people leave the scene. 

The police report will also come in handy, as we mentioned. 

It contains important information, such as accident descriptions, contact information and insurance information. The report will also have a diagram of the accident, number of vehicles, witness accounts, pictures and more important information. It has all the information you need when filing a claim. 

Do Insurance Companies Contact Police?

We hate to tell you. But you’re wrong if you think your insurance company will report the auto accident on your behalf. Insurance companies rarely contact the police. However, they will most likely ask if you managed to file a police report– Another reason to report the accident.

The Importance of an Auto Accident Attorney

Even with a thorough police report, obtaining compensation can be difficult. To protect your interests and obtain the compensation that you rightfully deserve, you need an attorney. You need one with insider knowledge to battle the insurance companies. And experience to ensure the best possible outcome. 

Otherwise, you could get steamrolled by insurance adjusters and the other party. 

For the help that you need and deserve, contact Sandel Law Firm today with a free consultation!

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