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This one issue is common to every auto-pedestrian accident

Many Ohio residents know that walking is good for their health. However, they also know that it could be hazardous. You risk suffering serious injuries anytime you are around vehicles as you walk. This is the one issue that is common to every auto-pedestrian accident — the person walking tends to suffer more severe injuries, and could even die, while the occupants of the other vehicle could walk away unscathed.

This vulnerability could also end up causing an accident report to be skewed toward the driver instead of you since you are more than likely lying on the ground too injured to provide a statement to the first officer on the scene. The driver may tell the officer that you stepped out in front of the vehicle in order to deflect any responsibility for what happened. Unless you get the chance to provide your side of events, you could face an uphill battle when you seek restitution for your injuries and financial losses.

An investigation into the incident may reveal that the driver was distracted, impaired or too drowsy to drive. Many drivers continue to use their cell phones while they drive despite the fact that these and other electronic devices take too much of their attention off the road. Because of one or more of these factors, the driver failed to hit the brakes in time or to yield the right-of-way to you.

Armed with this knowledge, you could file a personal injury claim seeking recompense for the financial losses you incurred in connection with the auto-pedestrian accident. Understanding the best evidence to present to an Ohio civil court may not be easy, however. In addition, you could require help in determining all of the damages for which you may seek restitution. For these reasons, it may be beneficial to seek out the advice and assistance of an attorney.

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