Things To Do If You Had A Motorcycle Accident Today

Were you in a motorcycle accident today or a bike crash? If so, read this article from Sandel Law Firm so you can ensure a path to recovery and compensation. We specialize in motor vehicle accidents and understand how devastating a high-speed motorcycle crash can be for riders. 

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5 Critical Steps To Do After A Motorcycle Accident

Your motorcycle accident today can be chaotic. It can cause panic and all sorts of feelings that make the unfortunate situation even more difficult to cope with. Fortunately, you can relax. There are only five critical steps to focus on next, and we’ll carefully walk you through each one. 

That said, here is the first step: 

Leave Your Motorcycle and Go To Secured Area

Leave Your Motorcycle and Go To Secured Area

Immediately after a motorcycle accident and ensuring you are not severely injured, carefully remove yourself from immediate danger. You should ideally find a secure spot that is clear of any other vehicles and pedestrians. 

If the ideal spot is not there or you’re too badly injured, that’s okay. Do your best to be visible and free of danger until the proper authorities arrive so that they can help. This is a must-take step after your motorcycle accident today. 

Keep Your Safety Gear, Such As Your Helmet, On

Never remove your safety gear immediately after an accident. You may have injuries, which the removal could worsen. Helmets and other gear should be removed by someone with medical training to ensure they won’t cause damage. 

Note: All gear, especially helmets, should be replaced before riding again, according to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

As Soon as You Can, Call Emergency Services or Get Someone Else To Do SoAs Soon as You Can, Call Emergency Services or Get Someone Else To Do So

Now that you are safe and free of any immediate danger contact emergency services quickly. Police officers can maintain order and safety for other drivers and pedestrians. Meanwhile, paramedics can check you for injuries and ensure the well-being of both parties. 

Ensure emergency services will always be contacted with these helpful apps: 

Gather Evidence and Collect Necessary Information

With your well-being secured, you must collect evidence from your motorcycle accident today. Start by taking pictures of your motorcycle and the scene of the accident. You may also want to include photos of the other vehicle in the accident and your injuries. 

That evidence can support you in the future should you decide to seek your rightful compensation. It can also help you and your motorcycle accident attorney build a secure defense. 

Consider Legal Assistance if You Are Hurt in an Accident

Consider Legal Assistance if You Are Hurt in an Accident

If you are injured in your motorcycle accident today, ensure you have the legal support you need. That is the best and only way to battle the insurance companies and reach your maximum compensation. 

Without support, insurance companies and the other party in the accident may limit your compensation, thus prolonging your recovery time. If you don’t know where to turn, contact Sandel Law Firm for a free consultation

We’ll help you with insider knowledge. 

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