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The wreckage in some car accidents leaves no doubt of fatalities

Law enforcement officers here in Ohio and elsewhere who respond to numerous crashes during their careers can often tell when lives are lost before they even check on those involved. Even to the untrained eye, the wreckage in some car accidents leaves little to no doubt that someone died. However, sometimes, even when others die, someone does survive, but usually not without suffering serious injuries.

When police arrived at the scene of an accident that occurred on a recent Thursday night at around 11:30 p.m., they may have surmised that not everyone survived. The impact of this particular crash was so devastating that it cut the vehicle in two. Sadly, but not surprisingly, two people died. However, one man, a passenger, survived. Emergency responders rushed him to an area hospital for surgery.

Preliminary reports indicate that the vehicle, driven by a 38-year-old woman, was traveling at excessive speeds at the time of the crash. When it flew through the intersection, it slammed so hard into a utility pole that the vehicle broke into two pieces. Since the investigation was not concluded at last report, the factors that led to the crash, other than speed, are not yet known.

The surviving victim and the family of the other passenger may need that information to help provide proof of the negligence, or more likely recklessness, that led to this tragedy. Many car accidents result in serious injuries and loss of life, and the people involved may have the ability to pursue restitution for the monetary losses and other damages associated with them. Doing so without assistance could prove frustrating and complex, so consulting with an experienced Ohio attorney might be the better way to go.

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