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The trucking industry may encourage unsafe driving practices

It is not uncommon for a person who has a job to want to do their work as quickly as possible so that they can move on and begin a better or perhaps more enjoyable project. An Ohio resident may seek to complete their work-related tasks in an efficient manner so that they have more time with their friends and family or to spend their hours engaged in hobbies that they love. Working quickly and effectively can be incentivized by a worker knowing they will have more time for their own pursuits, though some employers incentivize their workers’ performance based on the speed at which they complete their assignments.

One industry that has a history of rewarding fast workers is the trucking industry. Truckers who get their loads delivered early may get extra pay or other job-related perks. While these advantages may seek harmless to casual observers, there is a sinister association that sometimes follows fast truck drivers.

Truck and commercial vehicle accidents happen when truck drivers operate too fast, with too many distractions or when they are too tired. Despite hours or service regulations and other laws that prohibit truck drivers from using cellphones and other technology in their rigs, an alarming number of truck driver errors result in dangerous accidents each and every year.

The lure of a big bonus or other perk may cause a driver to engage in behaviors that are dangerous to themselves and to others on the roads. Victims of truck accidents may wish to explore the reasons that the responsible parties in their cases were operating too fast or for too long; additional defendants may emerge in their cases if it is found that the drivers were incentivized to operate outside of safety and the law.

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