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The challenge of claims in motorcycle vs. car accidents

The weather is improving here in Ohio, and you may be getting anxious to dust off your motorcycle and get out on the road. Even though you enjoy riding, you are well aware of the dangers associated with motorcycle vs. car accidents. Your injuries would more than likely be significantly more serious than if you were in a passenger vehicle.

The challenge arises when you file a personal injury claim against the driver of the other vehicle. Insurance companies and others tend to share certain biases against motorcycle riders, which could cause them to say that you were at fault for the crash despite the facts. For instance, people see motorcycle riders as “risk takers” since they are willing to travel at high speeds without the safety of being inside a passenger vehicle.

The other side could claim that you were driving recklessly or speeding. After all, you take risks. It does not often matter that these characterizations are largely outdated.

Many people ride motorcycles for pleasure, not danger. You may find yourself forced to overcome these biases in order to receive the restitution you deserve. These are in addition to the challenges nearly everyone injured in a crash encounters such as pressure from the insurance company to accept an offer well below what you need.

Motorcycle vs. car accidents can devastate the lives of those involved. Recovering from serious injuries can take some time, if you achieve a full recovery at all. Instead of attempting to pursue restitution alone, you could enlist the assistance of an experienced Ohio attorney to help you overcome the challenges you face in this endeavor.

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