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The Basics of Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law is not some obscure, unknown thing. Most people, if not everyone, have heard of it at one point or another. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they understand it as a whole. In fact, hearing it mentioned in a fleeting conversation can often cause some important questions to spring to mind. 

Sadly, you do not easily stumble upon the answers you need. So, we’ll delve into the essential information surrounding personal injury law in this article. We do so in the hopes that you won’t have to ponder any more questions on this topic. And that you’ll know where to go if it ever comes time for a personal injury lawyer. 

What Defines Personal Injury?

“Personal injury” is a legal term referring to a case where someone was harmed by another person or entity. The cases under personal injury law can stem from minor to major injuries and even death in the worst situation. Although, note that there is no malice implied in most of these cases. Instead, it’s mostly an accusation of carelessness or the general disregard for the safety of others. 

Even so, don’t take these cases lightly. With personal injury law, the individual or family who sustained losses can get rightful compensation. That is assuming they can provide sufficient evidence to support their claims. That, in a nutshell, is personal injury law. 

What is Protected by Personal Injury Law

What is Protected by Personal Injury Law?

In short, it protects you. According to the American Bar Association, personal injury law protects you and your property. In other words, this law is with your protection in mind. It ensures that you’ll have a route to getting compensation if injured by someone else’s action or failure to act

Instances in Which Personal Injury Laws Apply

To ensure that you can seek your rightful compensation, you need to understand when you can apply personal injury law. That said, here is our list of common instances when individuals or families may seek compensation: 


You can apply personal injury law in the case of most accidents. That includes motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries, slip and fall incidents, medical malpractice, neglect cases and others.

Intentional Injury

Intentional injury refers to injuries resulting from purposeful human action directed at oneself or others. It includes self-inflicted or interpersonal acts of violence fully intended to cause harm.

Intentional Acts/Harm

Intentional acts to cause harm are wrongful acts done on purpose. The person performing the wrongful act doesn’t necessarily need to mean harm to another individual. However, if the other person is injured anyway, such as a prank, it is still counted under intentional acts. 

Defective Consumer Products

With so many products released regularly, defective ones sometimes make it to market and cause harm. If a defective product harms an individual or group, said individual or group can apply personal injury law. And issue a lawsuit to receive compensation for their injuries. 

Defamation of CharacterDefamation of Character

Defamation of character is the oral or written communication of a false statement about another that unjustly harms their reputation. However, many people don’t know that a true statement may still be considered defamation in many countries. 

Please note that there are more instances. However, these are the most common. If you want a more in-depth list of injuries covered under personal injury law, please click here

Along with the basic knowledge of personal injury law, you need the right help if it ever comes time. That’s where those of us at the Sandel Law Firm come in. We have the experience to help you navigate a personal injury case and receive the compensation that you’re due. 

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