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Summer marks a dangerous time for teen drivers in Ohio

As school ends and summer begins, there are more drivers on the road. People are traveling, and with kids out of school, there are a higher number of young drivers on the road as well. Ohio readers know that, when there are more people on the road, there is a higher chance of an accident occurring.

Summer is a time when there are more teens involved in accidents than during other times of the year. Drivers would be wise to exercise extra caution during the busy summer months, but you would also find it beneficial to understand how to protect yourself if you suffer injuries due to another person’s reckless or negligent driving.

The 100 deadly days of summer

According to AAA, the 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day mark the 100 deadliest days on the road, especially for teen drivers. Statistics indicate there is an increase in the number of fatal accidents during the summer, and there are several reasons for this. It can be helpful to consider the following facts:

  • During the summer, there is a 22 percent increase in car accidents that occur at night and involve teen drivers.
  • One in 10 of all fatal accidents involving teen drivers was the result of speed.
  • Distracted driving is a serious problem for all drivers, but younger drivers are particularly prone to distraction.

Teen drivers are less experienced than other drivers, and often, they do not understand the grave dangers associated with things such as looking at the phone while driving, not paying attention or driving too fast.

If you are the victim of the dangerous choices of another driver, you have the right to seek appropriate compensation, regardless of the age of the driver. Ohio motorists do not have to suffer alone because of the poor choices of another person.

What should you do after an accident?

Regardless of the season, the age of the driver or the reason for your accident, it is beneficial to take quick action to protect your interests after a car accident. You do not have to wonder about your options, and you have the right to a complete explanation of your legal options.

Through a thorough evaluation of your case, you can understand the appropriate course of action for your individual situation. While financial compensation through a personal injury cannot reverse what happened to you, it can allow you to recover some of your financial losses and get the support you need.

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