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Strong representation to get back on your feet after an accident

After a car accident, an Akron resident may not know what they should do to protect their rights. They may be preoccupied with healing their accident-related wounds, finding help to accomplish their daily needs and making sure other victims are safe and comfortable as they recover. As time passes, they may be less likely to take active steps to investigate and understand their legal rights.

For example, personal injuries suffered in automobile accidents can be compensable if victims take appropriate action in time. The state’s statute of limitations can preclude otherwise eligible victims from pursuing their damages in court if they choose to file their legal actions too late. Claims based on negligence and other personal injury claims can provide victims with the financial support they need to become whole again, but only if they initiate their lawsuits in time.

Once a victim has found stability in their health after a traumatic vehicle collision, it can serve their financial and personal interests to consult with an attorney who can explain personal injury law to them. The attorneys of the Sandel Law Firm are committed to helping their clients understand not only the laws that may apply to their cases, but also how litigation and other legal procedures may help them move beyond damaging personal losses.

Our readers who want to know more about how we might be able to help can begin learning about our law firm through our personal injury website. This may help Ohio residents begin working toward possible legal solutions to their accident-related damages and losses.

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