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Speeding driver runs red light, kills woman in auto accident

Drivers in Akron and throughout Ohio will understand the importance of adhering to the basic traffic laws. It is a fundamental part of safe driving to stop at a red light and to drive while sober. Unfortunately, many drivers do not follow the law and cause car accidents. Often, these collisions result in catastrophic injuries and fatalities. In a recent accident, a woman was killed when a driver in a pickup truck ran a red light and hit her vehicle.

Pickup driver was speeding and may have been drunk

The accident occurred at around 10 p.m. According to the investigation, the 54-year-old female driver of a 2014 Buick Regal was going through the intersection when a speeding 2017 Ford F-150 hit her car. The pickup subsequently flipped over. The driver escaped the truck and fled. The woman’s car spun out. She was rushed to the hospital and later died. As law enforcement investigated, they concluded that alcohol was a factor.

Facing the aftermath of a fatal auto accident

When there is a car accident, there can be many challenges in the aftermath. In some cases, those who were hit by a speeding driver or a drunk driver are fortunate enough to survive. In others, the injuries are so severe that they lose their lives. When there is a fatal auto accident, the family left behind will have much to consider. The lost contributions of a loved one whose life was taken away in an auto accident must be factored in. There may be medical expenses for treatment before the person died. There will be personal, financial and emotional issues to think about. If the accident was due to a driver who was being reckless, was drunk and driving in a dangerous way, this can be essential to seeking compensation in a legal filing.

Legal advice may be vital for a successful claim

It is imperative for a family left behind after a fatal car accident to understand what steps to take to file a lawsuit. Evidence must be gathered and the circumstances of the accident must be assessed from the start. This is especially true when it is a hit and run and the driver was believed to have been drunk. Although it is undoubtedly difficult to move on and think about these issues immediately after the loss of a loved one in a car accident, a caring and experienced legal professional can help with moving forward and filing a case. Calling for a consultation is key.

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