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Some stretches of road see far too many car accidents

Residents of several areas of Ohio would not be surprised to hear that crashes occur in their neighborhoods. They are not shocked that some stretches of road see far too many car accidents. The shock often comes from the loss of life that accompanies some of these wrecks.

Residents on a stretch of Ohio 29 did not express surprise that another accident occurred there, but members of the community were shocked that two people died. The crash happened shortly before 12:30 a.m. in the early morning hours of a recent Tuesday morning. Both drivers involved in the crash did not survive the injuries they suffered in the impact. An infant in one of the vehicles did survive, but suffered injuries that required a transfer from the local hospital to a children’s hospital via helicopter.

Officials had not yet provided detailed information regarding the cause of the crash, but they did reveal the preliminary theory regarding how it happened. From what has been determined so far, the westbound vehicle crossed over into the oncoming lane of travel. The driver of the eastbound vehicle was unable to avoid the resulting head-on collision. The baby was in that vehicle at the time of the crash.

After the dust settles and the families of the victims have time to process their grief, they may exercise their right to file claims in an Ohio civil court seeking restitution and justice in connection with this crash. As is the case in other deadly and serious car accidents, the court may award damages to cover financial losses incurred as a result. In order to increase the potential for such a monetary judgment, the evidence presented to the court must prove that the actions of another party caused or materially contributed to the injuries and deaths that occurred.

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