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Safe driving of the utmost importance in school zones

Among the people who are impacted by the conduct of drivers here in Ohio are children. Unfortunately, each year, hundreds of young pedestrians become the victims of traffic crashes while out walking in Ohio. State statistics indicate that there have been nearly 3,000 traffic accidents involving pedestrians at or under the age of 18 in the state over the past five years.

Such accidents can put a lot of things at risk for a child, including their life. Last year, 11 people were killed in Ohio traffic crashes involving pedestrians 18 and younger.

There are few more tragic events that can come up for a family than a young family member being seriously injured or killed while walking out on the roads. When dealing with such a tragedy, what kind of help a family has can be very impactful. This includes what help a family has with any legal issues arising out of the incident.

The importance of keeping the state’s roads safe for young pedestrians is an especially relevant topic this time of year. This is because the school year is nearing its start. Among the things the school year sees are lots of kids out walking as part of their travels to and from school.

During the school year, there are many things it can be extremely important for motorists to do when driving in school zones and the neighborhoods around such zones. This includes making sure to obey stops signs and other traffic signs, keep their speed down and stay distraction-free behind the wheel. When drivers fail to act safely in such areas during the school year, they can be putting students in danger.

One hopes all Ohio drivers will keep this in mind as summer transitions to the school year.

Source: WCSM, “School Zone Traffic Can Turn Deadly,” Aug. 7, 2017

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