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Residential areas see a fair share of auto-pedestrian accidents

Busy intersections in Akron’s urban areas often make those who walk nervous since they must navigate around traffic. People tend to be a bit more relaxed in residential areas because they feel safer due to a perceived lower concentration of vehicles. However, plenty of auto-pedestrian accidents occur in neighborhoods as well, and they can be just as deadly.

An out-of-state woman was out walking in a residential area on a Wednesday morning when a bucket truck belonging to a local cable company struck her. People at the scene, along with emergency responders, all attempted to provide first aid to the 72-year-old woman, but her injuries were too severe. She died despite their efforts.

A crash reconstruction team responded to the area to conduct an investigation. The area remained closed for around three hours during this time. The driver of the truck remained at the scene to assist in the investigation.

While officials conclude their investigation and determine whether any charges may be filed, the woman’s family must deal with her loss. Funeral and burial arrangements more than likely interrupt the holiday season. It could be  a number of years before celebrating this time of year is possible again.

In addition to the emotional fallout that accompanies auto-pedestrian accidents, a monetary component exists as well. Few people whether here in Akron or elsewhere are prepared for the expenses that accompany a sudden, unexpected death. Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to recover those financial losses through the filing of a wrongful death or personal injury claim, as applicable.

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