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Representation for victims of auto-pedestrian accidents

Now that winter has finally thawed and spring is upon us in Ohio, more people may be venturing out into nature to enjoy the peace that comes with breathing fresh air. Akron residents participate in many outdoor activities, from jogging and running to bicycling and hiking, all of which give participants an opportunity to leave their vehicles behind. However, just because the individuals who do these activities are not in their cars, trucks, and SUVs, does not mean that they will not confront automobiles while they are out and about.

In fact, dangerous accidents happen all too frequently between automobiles and individuals who are pedestrians near the roads. Auto-pedestrian accidents claim lives, affect individuals’ health and happiness, and create problems for victims who simply want to live their lives. Victims of these preventable collisions often have the right to pursue their losses from the drivers whose negligence caused their harm.

A personal injury lawsuit based on an auto-pedestrian accident begins when a victim files a claim with the court stating that the other party’s negligence or actions caused their losses. The victim may outline the facts of the incident to demonstrate the validity of their claims and they may offer evidence of their losses and damages to building their case for financial recovery.

Preparing and executing a personal injury lawsuit based on losses incurred from an auto-pedestrian accident can be difficult without help. The Sandel Law Firm offers representation for individuals who have suffered harm as pedestrians in crashes with vehicles and interested readers can find out more about the legal practice through the firm’s auto-pedestrian accident webpage.

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