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When police are called to an accident involving a pedestrian or bicyclist, it is the person in the four-wheeled vehicle who usually tells the officer what happened. The bicyclist or pedestrian is too hurt to say anything. This can lead to biased police reports that favor the driver.

At the Sandel Law Firm in Akron, Ohio, we are here to hold careless drivers accountable when they injure or kill bikers or pedestrians. Call 330-666-2889 (ATTY) to discuss your accident case with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Determining Fault In Motor Vehicle Accidents

On most Ohio roads, bicyclists have the same rights as motor vehicles. This means that if a driver clips you while you are riding along the side of the road or turns in front of you at a driveway or intersection, the driver is usually at fault. If you are a pedestrian in a crosswalk, drivers must stop for you whether the crosswalk is marked or not.

Careless drivers will often try to avoid responsibility by claiming that the pedestrian or bicyclist “came out of nowhere” and did not give them time to stop. A careful investigation often reveals that the driver was at fault for:

Failure to yield the right of way to the pedestrian or bicyclist

Failure to apply their brakes in time to stop

Talking or texting on a cellphone instead of watching the road

As a former insurance company lawyer, I have the insider knowledge to obtain outstanding results in your accident case.

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