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Pedestrian accidents causes similar to those of car accidents

At the core of most accidents is negligence, and negligence occurs when someone fails to meet their duty of care to others. In Ohio, negligence-based accidents happen on the roads each and every day, and victims emerge from their incidents with a range of injuries and losses. This post will examine some of the common causes of pedestrian accidents and how they parallel causes of dangerous vehicle accidents.

One of the main causes of road-based accidents is driver negligence. This can take on many forms. For example, a driver may be inattentive or distracted and, through their carelessness, may fail to signal when they plan to change lanes. This could cause them to collide with another vehicle or could fail to give a pedestrian warning that the driver’s car will maneuver into a new position on the road. Both of these outcomes are dangerous to others and may suggest driver negligence.

Intentionally dangerous driver conduct, sometimes termed “recklessness,” is also a common cause of vehicle and pedestrian accidents. Drivers who intentionally speed, ignore road signs or follow to close to others are hazards on the roads. Their erratic behaviors can cause confusion in other motorists and pedestrians who must anticipate the reckless drivers’ actions while keeping themselves out of harm’s way.

Dangerous drivers are dangers to everyone they encounter, whether those individuals are in other cars, on bikes or motorcycles, or are on foot as pedestrians. When an accident causes a person to suffer injuries and loss, they can benefit from discussing their possible legal claims with personal injury attorneys who represent victims of automobile and pedestrian accidents.

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