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Passengers have no control in distracted driving car accidents

As passengers in motor vehicles, Ohio residents put their lives in the hands of the drivers. In many cases, it does not matter since the group reaches its destination without incident. However, if the driver becomes distracted, the worst could happen, and passengers will have no control over whether car accidents occur.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol recently took the opportunity to remind drivers not to drive distracted in the aftermath of a fatal crash that took place on a recent Saturday night at an intersection on State Route 309. Troopers were called to the scene at shortly after 7:45 p.m. When they arrived, they found the wreckage of two vehicles.

The preliminary report indicates that the 20-year-old northbound driver entered the intersection crossing State Route 309 without first making sure that no other traffic was already there. The 60-year-old westbound driver was not able to avoid colliding with the northbound car, which was occupied by the driver and four passengers. Both drivers and the front seat passenger in the northbound vehicle all suffered injuries not considered life-threatening, for which they were transported for treatment.

The three passengers in the back of the northbound vehicle did not fare as well. The driver’s side rear passenger was last listed as being in critical condition. The middle passenger suffered serious injuries. The passenger sitting behind the front seat passenger died at the scene from injuries suffered in the crash.

It is possible that personal injury and wrongful death claims could arise as a result of this crash. Those filing the claims could receive awards for monetary damages if they successfully prove that negligence led to the serious and fatal injuries suffered in this accident. The monetary awards could include damages similar to those awarded in other car accidents of this type.

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