Passenger suffers life-threatening injuries in car accident

Passengers put a great deal of faith in the individuals driving the vehicles in which they ride. They depend on the drivers to obey traffic laws, pay attention and maintain control of the vehicle in order to reach the desired destination safe and sound. When that doesn’t happen, passengers often suffer serious injuries in the ensuing car accident — regardless of whether it takes place here in Ohio or elsewhere.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol recently responded to a crash on County Road 5. The 17-year-old passenger in the vehicle suffered injuries described by police as life-threatening and was transported to an area hospital by helicopter. The 19-year-old driver died as a result of the injuries he suffered in the accident.

The preliminary report of the accident indicates that the driver lost control of the vehicle. It then left the roadway and struck a parked vehicle, a barn and a tree. The violent impact tore the vehicle apart, and despite the fact that both vehicle occupants were properly restrained, they were thrown out of it. At this point, troopers continue to investigate, but suspect alcohol played a role in this tragedy.

Even if alcohol caused this car accident, the family of the surviving victim will not likely receive justice through the criminal court system. In order to achieve closure and justice in this case, filing a personal injury claim in an Ohio civil court may be the best course of action. Through this legal avenue, it may be possible to receive monetary restitution for damages to help with the financial losses incurred.

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