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OSHP Trooper tried unsuccessfully to stop fatal wrong-way crash

Some things scare just about every driver out there, in just about every part of the country. Frightening scenarios include looking in the rear view mirror and seeing a big rig closing in fast or the flashing lights of a police car, a driver who gets a bit too close when changing lanes, and wrong-way drivers. No one here in Ohio or anywhere else wants to see headlights coming right toward them at a high rate of speed. A wrong-way crash never ends well, and innocent victims often pay the ultimate price.

A trooper with the Ohio State Highway Patrol recently spotted a wrong-way driver on US 23. He tried to get the driver’s attention, but was unable to stop the vehicle before it slammed into not one, but two vehicles head on. Not even the flashing lights of his cruiser were enough to alert the driver. Reports indicate that vehicle struck his cruiser at some point.

It probably would not surprise anyone after seeing the wreckage that people died and others suffered serious injuries in this accident. Even so, some lucky individuals walked away with only minor injuries. A 17-year-old was taken by helicopter to an area hospital in critical condition, but the 17-year-old driving that vehicle died. A 56-year-old woman was taken by ambulance to an area hospital only for medical personnel to pronounce her death. Another passenger received treatment and was then released.

The business of cleaning up this wrong-way crash does not end once the vehicles and other debris are removed from the roadway. In the aftermath of this tragedy, seriously injured victims and/or their families often have a long period of recovery, and that often involves some financial losses and other damages. They may exercise their right to file personal injury or wrongful death claims, as appropriate in an attempt to recover those losses.

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