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Ohio man killed while working on his truck

Truck drivers have to travel long distances that can take them far from their homes. While they are on the road they can face many perils and may have to deal with a host of difficult driving and operating scenarios. While this Ohio-based personal injury and vehicle accident legal blog often focuses on liability in commercial vehicle crashes, this post will discuss the details of a recent accident that claimed the life of an Ohio trucker.

According to a recent report, the 41-year-old victim of the recent truck accident was a resident of Dorset and was hauling his rig through New York. His vehicle became disabled on Interstate 86 and he was forced to stop on that road. While out of his rig and attempting to make repairs to it, the victim was struck by another tractor-trailer and eventually died from the injuries that he suffered.

This tragedy encompasses many of the practice areas that this firm represents. While out of his vehicle the victim was a pedestrian on a roadway, and a fatal collision involved large commercial vehicles in transport with their rigs. As the facts of this case come into the light, the surviving family members of this victim may better understand their options for seeking redress against the driver who caused the crash.

Interstate and highway accidents can be complicated. However, anyone who has suffered losses from pedestrian, commercial or private vehicle crashes is encouraged to speak with a personal injury attorney. Preserving facts and understanding filing requirements can help victims avoid missing their opportunities to seek compensation for the losses they suffered in their serious vehicle accidents.

Source:, “Ohio man killed trying to fix disabled rig on I-86,” Maki Becker and Aaron Besecker, March 20, 2018

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