Motorcycle Speeds: Laws You Need To Be Aware Of

Ever wondered how fast a motorcycle can go?

You’re not alone. It may seem like motorcyclists have free reign of the road and always drive at maximum speed. However, there are laws on motorcycle speeds bikers should be aware of. Following motorcycle speed restrictions will allow you to cruise (legally) in style and reduce the risk of fatal motorcycle accidents.

But let’s face it. It’s no secret that motorcycles aren’t the only vehicles on the highway. Luckily, the road to safe driving doesn’t have to be a difficult one. Below, we take a look at fundamental speed laws for motorcycles and how they compare to other vehicles.

Are Motorcycle Speed Limit Laws the Same as Other Vehicles On the Road?

The answer is quite simple, actually. Motorcycle speeds should not exceed those instructed on speed limit signs, just like any other vehicle. Not one driver is permitted to disobey road laws, which should always remain true.

Regardless of how inconvenient road laws may seem at times, they are in place for safety reasons. Imagine how many more collisions might happen if every driver was permitted to drive at whatever speed they desired. Even with these laws in place, accidents happen daily.

That is why defensive driving is critical. In most close-call situations, it is the difference between life and death. Moreover, defensive driving is crucial for bikers.

What does defensive driving look like for motorcyclists?

Because of their size compared to cars and trucks, bikers can accelerate much faster. The sudden shift in motorcycle speed is one form of defensive driving. Rubble or dips in the road that don’t usually affect cars can send a motorcycle skidding and harm the rider.

Lane Splitting Laws Across US States

Lane Splitting Laws Across US States

In addition to acceleration, weaving through lanes is how bikers avoid getting caught in blind spots and stay visible. 

But what about when traffic is slow or has stopped altogether? Besides motorcycle speed laws, it’s essential bikers also understand their state’s lane-splitting laws.

Aside from California, lane-splitting is either illegal or unspecified across the United States. If the Golden State isn’t the place you call home, it’s best to stay in your lane in traffic. 

One thing’s for certain. Abiding by traffic laws and road safety should be your number one priority as a biker. Always follow motorcycle speed guidelines. Practice defensive driving at all times and avoid lane-splitting.

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