Law enforcement officials warn about preventable vehicle crashes

One of the most frustrating things about car accidents is that many of them are preventable. In fact, the Ohio State Highway Patrol has recently started a campaign to make drivers aware of one particularly common and avoidable type of crash: failure to yield collisions.

A driver fails to yield when under the law they are required to allow others to go before them. For example, when a driver wants to turn left off of a road and must cross oncoming traffic, they must yield to those traveling in the opposite direction unless they have a protected turn signal. According to Ohio State Highway Patrol, more than 52,000 failure to yield accidents happened in the state just last year and nearly 200 people lost their lives in those preventable incidents.

It is easy to avoid causing a failure to yield crash. First, a driver should focus on driving when they are behind the wheel, though this can be harder than it sounds. When so many distractions like cell phones and GPS devices trying to get their attention, a driver may lose focus and cause a preventable failure to yield crash.

Also, all drivers can operate their vehicles in a defensive manner to avoid crashes with others. Defensive driving involves anticipating actions by other drivers and giving oneself enough time to react to changing driving conditions.

Vehicle accidents are common but the Ohio State Highway Patrol would like to see fewer preventable accidents this year. Individuals who are involved in vehicle crashes and who suffer losses at the result of other drivers’ negligent actions are often able to seek their damages through litigation in the courts of Ohio.

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