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Jackson Township woman sentenced in pedestrian death

A well-known, much loved 73-year-old North Canton man was struck and killed by a driver on a snowy night in February 2020.  Though it was an accident, the woman who caused that death has now been sentenced.

The man was attempting to assist drivers who had been involved in a crash on the road in front of his home when a 49-year-old Jackson Township woman was unable to stop, causing her to strike and kill him with her vehicle. Though no impairments such as drugs or alcohol were found, it was determined that she was driving too fast for the weather conditions, and hit a patch of black ice. The accident devastated the small community, and was extremely difficult for all who responded.

The driver did not mean for the accident to happen, and the pedestrian was a well-known good Samaritan. However, criminal charges were assessed.  She was charged with vehicular manslaughter and failure to control, both misdemeanors.  An initial charge of vehicular homicide was dismissed.  A Judge has sentenced her to 90 days in jail and 200 hours of community service.  In addition, her driver’s license will be suspended for one year.

Aside from the criminal charges, the family of the deceased will have the option of filing a wrongful death claim, as would any family of a deceased person who was killed due to the negligence of another. If someone you love has been injured or killed in a situation such as this one, consulting with an attorney can provide answers as to your options for recourse and financial compensation for your loss.

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