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Injuries and deaths increase in out-of-control truck accidents

Crashes involving passenger vehicles have the potential for causing substantial injuries and deaths. Those odds increase in truck accidents due to the increase in size and weight. What makes this type of accident even worse is when a truck is out of control. It could slam into numerous vehicles before coming to a stop, and the devastation left in its wake could change victims and their families forever.

A recent accident on Interstate 270 sadly illustrated this point. It was a Monday afternoon when deputies with one of Ohio’s sheriff’s offices say the driver of a dump truck lost control of the vehicle. When that happened, it careened into box truck, a passenger van and a car before finally coming to a stop. Preliminary reports indicate that one of the dump truck’s tires “blew apart” as it sped down the interstate.

The out-of-control dump truck then plowed through the median and entered into the eastbound lanes of the interstate. The box truck driver died as a result of the wounds he suffered in the impact. The dump truck driver was lasted listed as being in critical but stable condition. The four occupants of the car remained in stable condition at last report. The only one to walk away supposedly unscathed was the driver of the passenger van.

Until the dust settles and police conclude their investigation, it will not be known whether any charges will result. Regardless, the victims and the family of the deceased victim retain the right to pursue restitution through an Ohio civil court. Depending on the circumstances, more than just the driver could bear legal liability in this and other truck accidents involved mechanical issues, as this one appears to have.

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