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Inadequate maintenance can lead to truck accidents

If a vehicle fails to receive proper and adequate maintenance, the driver could end up on the side of an Ohio road broken down. For most people, this is the extent of their thinking about maintenance. What they fail to consider is that some maintenance issues lead to serious car and truck accidents.

For example, loose lug nuts are just one factor that could make a tire come off during travel. The Ohio State Highway Patrol’s preliminary report regarding a recent crash indicates that a tire flew off a truck, crossed the median and onto the other side of the roadway. It then crashed into a vehicle moving in the opposite direction.

The dump truck’s tire flew high enough to crash through the other vehicle’s windshield. It ended up striking the passenger and causing the vehicle to crash. The passenger succumbed to the injuries suffered in the impact at the scene. The driver survived, but suffered unidentified injuries and was transported to an area hospital by emergency personnel. At last report, investigators were still attempting to determine whether the truck or the tire caused the death of the passenger.

More than likely, the tire played at least a part in the passenger’s death. When families of the victims of truck accidents pursue restitution for the financial losses associated with the loss of their loved ones, every aspect of the accident could reveal factors that led to it. From there, it is possible to determine the party or parties who may bear legal liability. Identifying those parties helps ensure that grieving families have the opportunity to pursue the full amount of recompense to which they may be entitled.

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