How To Find the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Think of riding a motorcycle. Your first thought is most likely not “motorcycle accident lawyer.”

You might find yourself thinking of a refreshing breeze as you cruise down a long highway. 

So no, you might not think of finding motorcycle lawyers right off the bat. But you should. 

Unfortunately, motorcycle crashes happen. You need a motorcycle accident lawyer to help you deal with the aftermath.

Here’s How You Find a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

After an accident, why would you need to turn to motorcycle accident lawyers? Maybe you do not feel like you have any sort of injury that requires extensive treatment. But even the smallest accident often leads to at least a brief visit to the emergency room. Without a motorcycle accident lawyer, medical expenses can start to pile up. 

What if the other driver involved in the crash decides to sue you for their own medical expenses? Or the cost associated with repairing their own vehicle? A motorcycle crash attorney may be your only option in situations like these. 

Do not type “motorcycle accident attorney near me” into your phone and stop there. You need to prepare ahead of time, which is where we come in. 

Read the following six tips to help you find a quality motorcycle accident lawyer.

Local Google SearchLocal Google Search

Like we said, a fast internet search to find a motorcycle injury attorney will not be your best course of action after an accident. 

But that is not to say you should discount Google searches. 

You should start here, then move on to the next steps. 

Type your location and something like “motorcycle attorney” into your Google search bar. Since laws vary by state, you need a motorcycle accident lawyer who practices in your area. 

Make a list of the motorcycle accident attorneys who seem like the best fit for your case. Then start consulting with motorcycle accident law firms to make your final decision. 

Friends and Relative Referrals

Do you have any other friends or family members who ride motorcycles? 

If so, they may know a motorcycle accident lawyer to whom they can refer you. Your loved ones might not have been in an accident themselves, but they could very well know someone who was. 

Ask around to find the right motorcycle injury lawyer.

Lawyer Directories

If you have internet access, you have an advantage. 

Head online to read through some lawyer directories. You will find a trusted motorbike accident attorney near you. 

Here are some directories to help you find a motorcycle accident lawyer: 

  • Avvo 
  • FindLaw
  • Motorcycle Legal Foundation 
  • Martindale-Hubbell 

Lawyer Referrals

Lawyer Referrals

Even if you do not realize it at first, you have probably worked with a lawyer in the past. 

Have you ever had legal help when going over a lease for your apartment? What about when filling out paperwork for your mortgage? Maybe the company you work for has an attorney on retainer. 

These lawyers might not be motorcycle accident lawyers, but they could know of one to recommend. 

Social Media Networks

Social media is a great tool to use when you need to find a motorcycle accident lawyer. 

Search for a motorcycle accident lawyer on at least one of the platforms you use. 

Online Forums

Online forums can be the perfect place to start your search for a motorcycle accident lawyer. 

But do you already have some ideas on who you want as a motorcycle accident lawyer? Read some reviews on online forums too. 

Have You Been Searching for a Top Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

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