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How Do You Choose A Wrongful Death Lawyer?

When you lose a loved one because of someone else’s negligence that leads to your loved one’s wrongful death, everyday tasks feel impossible. Not to mention the wrongful death claim you have to file and the hunt you have to go on to find the best wrongful death lawyers to help. 

Let us help you. We have the top eight tips so you know what to look for in a wrongful death lawyer who can assist you in winning your wrongful death lawsuit. 

Helpful Tips in Choosing the Best Wrongful Death Lawyers

You need a wrongful death lawyer after you lost your loved one at the fault of another party. 

But as a firm that stands out among the best wrongful death lawyers, we understand how painful what you are dealing with can be. Don’t let the added stress of finding a wrongful death attorney weigh you down. 

Keep reading for our eight expert tips on how to pick a wrongful death lawyer who will get you and your loved one the results you are due. 

Look for Trial Experience

1. Look for Trial Experience

Wrongful death cases are not just for anybody to take on with any type of approach. You need an experienced accidental death attorney to win your case. 

You need a death lawyer who is familiar with and has direct experience in cases just like yours. 

What was the situation surrounding your loved one’s wrongful/accidental death? Did it involve a vehicle accident or trucking accident? You want a wrongful death lawyer who knows how to get you the results from your case that you deserve and your loved one would have deserved too. 

2. Ask for Their Track Record

After you know that the wrongful death lawyer you are looking at has the right level of experience, you have to find out their wins and losses for past wrongful death lawsuits. 

You need someone to stand in your corner and fight for the right compensation who wins far more than they lose. 

Look at their numbers to see how many they have won, then how many they have lost and weigh the two against one another. Also request information on how much they win on average for their clients’ compensation both in and out of the courtroom. 

3. Check Their Standing

Next, find out if they have good standing with your state’s Bar Association

For the Ohio Bar Association, for example, click here. Type in a wrongful death lawyer’s name and scroll down to the “Find a Lawyer” section of the page. Click on the name you were looking for in the results and find the information you are looking for. 

Read Testimonials

4. Read Testimonials

One of the best ways to discover if an accidental death lawyer is the one for you is by seeing what people who are (or have been) in a similar situation as you have to say. 

You can ask your own trusted contacts if they have worked with a particular attorney before. You should also read reviews and ratings online to get the answers you need. 

5. Consider the Cost

The best wrongful death attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means you do not pay them anything unless they win your case and you get compensation. Then, they take a percentage of your earnings. 

See if your potential attorney works this same way. 

6. Look at Their Network

Who is the wrongful death lawyer you are looking into working with professionally? 

You want a legal expert who has the right contacts to fight for and win your case. 

This can include: 

  • Doctors 
  • Private investigators 
  • Police
  • Mental health professionals
  • And more 

7. Find Out Their Association Membership

What associations or organizations is your wrongful death lawyer a part of?

You can look at professional and legal associations on a statewide or nationwide basis. 

But you also want to look at wrongful death legal associations in particular here. Again, this is because you need someone on your legal team who has specific experience and expertise in this field. 

Ask Who Your Point of Contact Will Be8. Ask Who Your Point of Contact Will Be

Speaking of legal teams, you want a wrongful death lawyer with a solid team who is there to help you. 

You have to get to know everyone involved in your case. 

And most importantly, who will be your primary point of contact from their law firm?


Kevin Sandel of The Sandel Law Firm has multiple practice areas that relate to personal injury. But he has in-depth experience in representing families who have lost loved ones in fatal accidents. 

Sandel stands out as the best personal injury and wrongful death lawyer in the Akron, Ohio area because of his insider knowledge. Once an insurance company lawyer, he now applies that knowledge to win his clients’ cases

And he can do the same for you. 

Click here to contact The Sandel Law Firm today for a free consultation.

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