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Guide for motorcycle safety

When motorcycle accidents happen in Ohio, it is often the rider who gets injured, as motorcycles afford little protection in comparison with cars and larger vehicles. The National Safety Council found that in 2017, 14 percent of traffic fatalities were motorcyclists. Considering that only three percent of all registered vehicles in the U.S. are motorcycles, this is a startling statistic.

While many motorcycle accidents are caused as a result of car drivers failing to give right-of-way to riders, there are also some ways that motorcyclists can reduce the likelihood of a crash.

Drive sober or call a cab

In 2017, alcohol-impaired riders made up 28 percent of motorcycle crash fatalities. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration states that drugs and alcohol impair reaction time and alertness.

Even some prescribed medications can affect riders’ ability to shift gears and control the throttle. Even if someone has only had one or two drinks, it is smarter to get a sober ride or call a cab.

Responsibility on the road

To avoid being struck by cars, motorcyclists can take measures to improve their visibility, like wearing protective gear and making sure to meet eye contact with drivers when signaling to turn or change lanes. It is better to avoid taking risks and obey lane markings, speed limits, signs and traffic lights.

Riders can reduce the likelihood of catastrophic injuries in the event of an accident by wearing proper protective gear. Gloves with good grips and ankle-high shoes or boots are part of this, in addition to long sleeves and pants made of heavy denim or leather. And of course, a sturdy, properly fitting helmet may be the most important gear to wear.

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