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Getting the right help after a devastating pedestrian accident

Just as cars and trucks must obey the rules of the road, pedestrians too must follow certain regulations that are intended to keep everyone on the roads safe. They must cross the streets in crosswalks, wait for traffic signals to grant them safe access to roads and must use caution when traversing throughways that are not regulated by pedestrian safety measures.

However, even when pedestrians take every precaution available to them they are sometimes the victims of collision with automobiles. There are many reasons that crashes between vehicles and people happen, and many relate to the ways in which drivers operate their vehicles. Distracted drivers, speeding drivers and drivers who do not obey traffic signals and driving laws are all threats to pedestrians who must be in the roads to get to where they are going.

Driver negligence is often the cause of a car’s collision with a pedestrian and it is usually the pedestrian who suffers the brunt of the collision’s losses. Broken bones, organ damage, spinal injuries and other serious conditions can afflict a person who has the unfortunate experience of being hit by a moving car.

Auto-pedestrian accidents can have an even more tragic outcome: fatalities are possible when cars hit people while they are in the streets. In the aftermath of a devastating auto-pedestrian accident, a victim or their family members may wish to investigate their rights.

The Sandel Law Firm is located in Akron, Ohio, and serves the legal needs of people who have been affected by pedestrian accidents. The lawyers of the firm understand the hardships that happen for victims of these often preventable incidents and are zealous advocates for their clients’ rights to compensation for their accident-related losses.

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