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Fire trucks aren’t often involved in car accidents

Like everywhere else, Ohio fire trucks are big, brightly colored and equipped with loud horns for a reason. These safety measures help keep them from being involved in car accidents, but it does not always work. As they travel to emergencies, they need the ability to move through traffic quickly and efficiently. The drivers of these large vehicles rely on the public to adhere to the law that requires them to move over in order to let emergency vehicles pass, but when a driver fails to do so, it could result in a crash.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol recently responded to a crash involving a fire truck and two other vehicles. As the emergency vehicle traveled westbound State Route 795 on its way to a call, an eastbound vehicle stopped as required by law. Unfortunately, the vehicle behind the eastbound one did not stop. Instead, it slammed into the back of the first vehicle.

The momentum of the impact hurled the second vehicle into the path of the fire truck. The driver and passenger of that vehicle suffered injuries described as life-threatening. The occupants of the other eastbound vehicle suffered injuries as well, but reportedly not life-threatening ones. The firefighters did not suffer any injuries, but their arrival to the call was delayed.

As is the case in other car accidents, the victims may face significant recovery periods depending on the nature and extent of their injuries. For this reason, medical and medical-related expenses could add up quickly as income drops due to the inability to work. These and other damages often cause large financial losses that many people simply cannot afford. The victims of this crash may exercise their rights to file personal injury claims against the party or parties deemed at fault in an attempt to recover those monetary losses.

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