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Fighting for victims of commercial vehicle accidents

An accident involving an Ohio resident and a commercial vehicle is not like one between two passenger vehicles. Aside from the fact that commercial vehicles are often much larger and potentially more damaging that personal vehicles, commercial vehicles carry with them a variety of questions regarding who owns them, who is responsible for maintaining them and who is tasked with training their drivers.

A commercial vehicle accident case may include a wide range of possible defendants. Aside from the vehicles’ drivers, victims may sue the entities that caused the vehicles to be on the roads, the companies that owed the vehicles, the insurers who provide policies that cover the vehicles and many others. The facts of a commercial vehicle crash will often determine just how wide of a scope a victim may employ when preparing their initial pleading for damages.

After a commercial vehicle accident, a victim should seek medical attention to ensure that their physical traumas are cared for. After they have begun the process of recovery, they may want to work with personal injury lawyers who can advise them of their rights to sue and get their lives back on track.

The Sandel Law Firm recognizes the unique issues that make commercial vehicle accidents different from the everyday crashes individuals experience with other private members of the community. They know the regulations that commercial drivers are subject to following and can help their clients understand just what the commercial drivers may have done negligently and that may have caused the victims’ injuries. Their attention to detail and their compassion for their clients makes the Sandel Law Firm an asset to their commercial vehicle accident clients.

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