Fiery crash in Montgomery County kills three

Most people in Ohio likely understand that every time they take to the local roads in their vehicles, they run the risk of experiencing a car accident. Yet several factors keep them from feeling deterred to undertake such an action (chief among them being the assumption that most everyone else on the road around is just as aware of such potential, and thus just as vigilant in avoiding it).

A majority of the time, that assumption proves to be true. Yet there are certainly cases where a person may choose to engage in dangerous or negligent behavior while behind the wheel (such as driving while intoxicated).

Alcohol a possible factor in Miami County crash

Sadly, there may be little one can do to avoid such an encounter, and tragically the results of meeting a negligent driver on the road are often fatal. That proved to be true once again in a fiery collision that recently occurred in Miami County. The local NBC affiliate reports that a vehicle traveling along North Montgomery County Line Road suddenly crossed the median and turned into oncoming traffic, eventually striking another vehicle head-on. Authorities do not yet know the exact circumstances that led to the collision, but they do believe alcohol played a role in the accident. The collision and subsequent fire claimed the lives of three accident victims.

Seeking civil action in conjunction with a criminal case

In accidents such as this (where intoxication plays a role), one might certainly expect there to be criminal charges. This may cause accident victims to believe they must wait for criminal proceedings to play out before they initiate a civil action. Yet that is not the case. With the benefit of experienced legal representation, one may be able to pursue a liability claim in concert with a criminal case.

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