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Fatal wrong-way car accidents continue to plague Ohio roadways

Hundreds of people lose their lives on Ohio roadways each year. Wrong-way drivers account for a number of these fatalities. By the time vehicles come to a rest in these car accidents, the people involved often suffer serious or fatal injuries.

It is impossible to determine beforehand who will suffer the worst in a wrong-way accident. For instance, it was the occupants of the second vehicle struck who suffered the brunt of the crash. The 69-year-old driver of that vehicle was rushed to an area hospital, but despite the efforts of medical personnel, succumbed to his injuries. Emergency medical personnel transported his passenger, a 66-year-old woman, to the hospital for treatment of what were described as injuries that were not considered life-threatening. Everyone else involved escaped without injury.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol’s preliminary report indicates that the wrong-way vehicle ended up in the eastbound lane traveling westbound. It struck one vehicle and then the one occupied by the driver who died as a result. Both vehicles struck were headed eastbound at the time of the crash. Without providing more details, police reported that charges are expected to be filed.

In addition, the wrong-way driver could face civil litigation from the family of the deceased victim and the injured victim. As is the case in other fatal car accidents, the details brought to light by an investigation could play a crucial role in both criminal and civil proceedings. In civil cases, if negligence is proved, the court may award monetary damages to help with the financial losses that result from such tragedies.

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