What Is My Accident Case Worth?, Sandel Law Firm

At the Sandel Law Firm in Akron, Ohio, we offer a free case evaluation to discuss the value of your accident case. While no lawyer can tell you what your case is worth until you complete your medical treatment, we can help you get the maximum value for your claim. Call 330-666-2889 (ATTY) to talk to a lawyer today.

The amount that an insurance company will pay is based on four main factors:

  • Your medical bills past and future
  • Your lost wages past and future
  • Your out-of-pocket costs (the amount you have to pay someone else to perform the services you can no longer perform because of your injury)
  • Your pain, suffering and inconvenience

Specific issues that claims adjusters will look at in valuing your claim include:

  • Gaps of time with no treatment: If you wait a month before going to the doctor, the insurance company will not put a lot of stock in the extent of your injury.
  • Your medical records: The insurance company won’t take your word that you are injured. It wants proof such as medical bills and medical records.
  • The extent of vehicle damage: Adjusters assume that severity of vehicle damage equals severity of injury, even though that is false.
What Is My Accident Case Worth?, Sandel Law Firm

As a former insurance company claims adjuster and lawyer, I know what insurance companies are looking for when they evaluate your injury claim, both the good and the bad. I was trained in the techniques that insurance companies use to evaluate injury claims. I know how and why one injury is worth more (or less) than another. My insider knowledge will help lead to outstanding results for you and your case.

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