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People are pretty familiar with the idea of hiring an attorney to represent them when they have been the victim of an accident or harm. And they have a good idea as well that recovery is made either through a settlement or a judgment. However, what most folks don’t really think about until they are in the situation is how medical services and treatment are addressed while awaiting the results of their legal claim.

If you are injured in an accident, the medical bills can quickly begin to pile up. From the ride in an ambulance to initial treatment to the follow-up and rehabilitation, the expenses can be overwhelming while your claim is pending. The whole thing can seem very unfair. After all, the injuries wouldn’t have happened but for the accident, so why isn’t the responsible party signing the hospital forms? However, it’s important to remember that treatment is your first priority. Recovering those costs has to be a secondary, after-the-fact action from a practical perspective. We can help you through this process at Sandel Law Firm.

Should I Use My Medical Payments Coverage Or My Health Insurance To Pay While My Case Is Pending?

It depends on your personal circumstances, but, in general, it makes sense to have your own personal health insurance pay first, and then use medical payment insurance (if you have it) for copays and deductibles.

Ideally, you want to use any insurance method first as it forces costs to be the lowest possible due to agreed-upon medical service provider rates. But a medical provider may refuse hoping for higher billing sent to you directly.

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