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Emergency responders can end up in car accidents, too

When it comes to emergency responders, most Ohio residents think of them arriving to help after a catastrophe occurs. They arrive at scenes of car accidents, fires, and other events in which people need their help and rely on them to take care of them. Often, this is what happens, but sometimes, emergency responders become the victims.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol recently responded to a crash involving a passenger vehicle and an ambulance. Preliminary reports indicate that around 6:45 p.m., the 28-year-old driver and a 43-year-old passenger who was responding to a call occupied the ambulance. As the vehicle headed south on State Route 93, a vehicle coming toward the ambulance from the opposite direction veered into its path.

The two vehicles collided. The two drivers reportedly suffered injuries that did not threaten their lives. The passenger in the ambulance did not fare as well.

She made it to the hospital but was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. Police do not believe that speed or alcohol played a factor in the crash. The ambulance driver and the family of the deceased woman may seek workers’ compensation benefits, but that may not be the end of the story.

Since a third-party driver appears at fault for the accident, it may be possible to pursue restitution from that driver. A review of the circumstances may reveal that filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim is appropriate. If an Ohio civil court agrees that the driver caused the accident that led to the injuries and death, then it may be possible to receive an award for damages often sought in the aftermath of serious or deadly car accidents.

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