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Drunk driving is a danger to Ohio residents

Drunk driving is a dangerous practice because intoxicated drivers generally do not have the capacity to respond to changing road conditions like sober drivers. A drunk driver may not be able to react to a pedestrian on the road or may not be able to avoid a collision if a vehicle in their vicinity comes to a stop. Because drinking and driving are so perilous to the health and safety of Ohio residents, the state has created significant criminal laws against engaging in the practice.

However, despite the many reasons that individuals should avoid drunk driving, people in Akron and other parts of the state still get behind the wheel of their cars after consuming beer, wine and other intoxicating beverages. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention publish data on drunk driving accidents and fatalities, and the information as it relates to Ohio is very serious.

Between the years 2003 and, 2012 more than 3,600 people died on Ohio roads in drunk driving crashes. This works out to nearly one drunk driving fatality per day over the course of a decade in the state. While some of these fatalities involved the drunk drivers themselves, others involved innocent individuals who had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time when a drunk driver was on the road.

Victims of drunk driving accidents are often left with difficult recoveries and financial challenges as they fight to regain normalcy in their lives. They may have to leave their jobs to prioritize their recoveries from their injuries, and without employment or with diminished earnings they may face significant challenges when it comes to paying their accident-related medical bills. Drunk drivers can be held criminally liable for their conduct, but they may also be sued in civil court when their actions cause harm to others. If you have been charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI), you may consider hiring the best Orange County DUI attorneys. If you’re a victim and have acquired a serious disability, make a wise move and schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney from Sandel Law Firm.

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