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Driving records could factor into car accidents

Many Ohio drivers and passengers have seen the signs on the backs of trucks asking, “How’s my driving?” with a phone number for motorists to call if it is less than stellar. Some passenger vehicle drivers ought to have that same sticker on their vehicles as well since their driving habits could end up causing serious car accidents. The question some may ask is whether people with bad driving records should be allowed to keep their licenses.

Several people may answer that question with a “No” after a crash involving several vehicles took place recently. Reports indicate that the driver believed responsible for the accident has 18 years’ worth of bad driving convictions even though it does not appear he ever had a valid driver’s license. The 31-year-old driver’s vehicle ran off the roadway to the left as it headed northbound.

The vehicle then bounced off a median wall and slammed into another vehicle, which caused a chain reaction accident. Five people, including the potentially responsible driver, required hospitalization for their injuries. Three other people died as the result of injuries suffered in the crash.

The drivers and passengers who survived the crash may file personal injury claims against the party or parties who could bear legal responsibility for the crash. The families of the deceased victims could file wrongful death claims as well. In any case, it will be necessary to prove negligence on the part of the parties believed responsible before an Ohio court will award damages seen in other cases involving serious or deadly car accidents.

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